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Eastern Cape Communal Wool Growers Association

ECCWGA is an Organisation formed by and for the benefit of Communal Wool Sheep Farmers utilizing communal grazing land and shearing infrastructure/sheds. The Eastern Cape Communal Wool Growers Association shall be organized to be aligned to District and Local Municipalities within which Associations of Shearing Sheds exist. This is in order to ensure structured access to Government resources at Local Government Level. The Organisation shall have sub-structures to enable consultation with its members and the passing of commodity information down to grass roots level. The Organisation may affiliate to or form partnerships with other Wool Growing Associations with a common goals and objectives and shall review these from time to time.
This website strives to be the preferred and frequently used medium whereby communal farmers can access cutting edge production technology information to assist with the promotion of sustainable and profitable wooled sheep farming

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The communal Areas are focused on:
  • Genetic Improvement Programme to improve the quality of wool shorn;
  • Market readiness and market access to increase the volumes of wool sold through the auction system;
  • Training and mentorship to increase the farming skills of farmers; and
  • Management information collation whereby productivity and profitability data are to be collected.